10X10 Trade Show Rental Booths in Orlando

Stealing the Spotlight with a 10×10 Booth Rental

Every trade show is a unique opportunity to showcase your brand in a different light. Surrounded by competition, it urges you to represent the best possible version of yourself and your products.

The emphasis relayed is higher when you’re exhibiting in a city like Orlando, where several companies from across the world are vying for space under the spotlight. Here, a standout trade show booth in Orlando will allow you to shine like the brightest star in the cosmos of any convention.

Every Reason to Rent a 10×10 trade show booth

If you’re new to the scene and want to get the hang of things, even a modest 10×10 trade show booth rental in Orlando can facilitate your journey to stardom.

A standard 10×10 might make it impossible for visitors to distinguish you from other brands on the floor, but a customized version will give you a unique look. And since space optimization is of the essence, your logo as well as any important messages you wish to deliver will be displayed at eye-level, where they can’t be missed.

Using a strategic combination of accessories and graphics, you can connect with your target audience and generate a good number of leads. Doing so won’t even exceed your budget, because the 10×10 exhibit rentals in Orlando will save you a considerable amount by eliminating the need to purchase.

Why Choose Exponents

If you are searching for the best 10×10 trade show rental booths in Orlando, look no further! Our sturdy and reliable range of exhibits will meet your needs perfectly, and our talented team of professionals will embellish your booth to make it look like the star of the show.

Get in touch with us today if you need an expert by your side along the way.

How Exponents Can Help

Our expertise lies in eliminating the hassles that string along with managing a 10×10 trade show booth and making your overall exhibiting experience not only memorable but also productive. We will guide you through the entire trade show booth planning process from start to end – taking on the responsibility of designing, delivering, and even dismantling your 10×10 display booth.

Wondering what it will be like to work with us? Here’s how we go about our craft:

1. Discovering Your Needs

When you rent from us, you get to speak your mind and specify exactly what you’re looking for. This gives us insight into your business acumen, budget, timelines, as well as pre- and post-show needs. We will then take your vision to the drawing board and design options that best fit your needs.

2. Presenting Size and Style Options

You get to pick and choose from booths of all sizes and styles. Even a 10×10 trade show booth rental in Orlando can work wonders, if you know what to do with it. It’s possible that you’re not entirely sure how to go about it, though. In that case, our design team will be happy to work its magic with your messaging.

3. Customising the Creatives

Once you enlighten us about your trade show goals in detail, we’ll draft the first 10×10 trade show booth design. Based on your feedback, we will work on the final design, and voilà! The finished product is ready for your approval. The best part of our creative process is that we keep you in the loop the entire time.


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