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40x50 Trade Show Booth Rental and Exhibit Display Orlando

Why it Makes Sense to Invest in 40×50 Booth Rentals

Wondering if a 40×50 booth rental in Orlando is the best option for your next trade show? We’d love to help you decide!

A booth that big comes with several benefits, all of which can contribute significantly towards maximizing your ROI. The biggest advantage of 40×50 trade show booth rentals in Orlando is that they’re vastly flexible and versatile. The amount of space gives you the freedom to experiment with layouts and make efficient decisions affecting the booth structure. You can design your island or peninsula exhibit to emphasize your brand’s colors and overall message.

Another excellent strategy is to use dramatic lighting to stand out from the throng of booths using the tired venue lights. You can also include more modern elements like device-charging stations and lounging areas, where weary attendees can rest as well as charge their phones. This will give you the chance to communicate with them, and while they are in your space, they will have something interesting to look at.

For these reasons, and for many others, 40×50 Orlando trade show exhibit rentals make for a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Us

Having been at the heart of the trade show circuit for more than three decades, we have established a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. When you choose to entrust us with your 40×40 booth rental needs, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands. Everything we do, whether it is interacting with clients or designing your display, is geared towards creating an unforgettable trade show experience.

Are you ready to leverage our award-winning 40×50 booth designs to impress your target market and forging long-lasting relationships with them? Then reach out to us without delay!

How We Can Help

We design and build tradeshow booth rentals in Orlando, along with a range of other sizes. We start by decrypting your brand objective and overall goals and then add our unique touch of high-end design coupled with beautiful visuals and graphics that truly bring your message to life. Before you know it, the final product is ready for your approval. If you are in search of trade show experts who can help you engage your visitors, here’s how we plan on making that happen:

1. Relevant Size and Style

We familiarise ourselves with your brand right at the beginning of the process, so we can help you choose a booth size and style that not only makes for a stunning visual journey but also encapsulates your brand message.

2. Finishing Touches

You expect perfection, and we fulfill expectations. Once the design and style have been approved by you, we roll up our sleeves and carefully add finishing touches, paying special attention to materials, layout, and lighting. Each visible aspect of your 40×50 rental booth in Orlando will echo your brand’s personality flawlessly.

3. Custom Building Process

We take pride in our ability to design the booth as per your exact specifications. You won’t even have to wait until the last moment to see how the final structure looks – we will pre-build your stand having incorporated every single detail and present it to you weeks before the event.


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