On-Site Supervision Service for Trade Show Booth

Stay focused to achieve maximum attention of the targeted audience at your next trade show event in Orlando and our dedicated staff will guard your trade show booth rental comprehensively.

Our staff team stays vigilant about the safety and security of your trade show booth rentals from all sides while you are engaged in communicating and pitching to the potential customers.

Modular Design or a Custom Made

Get access to a live demonstration of your trade show booth rental to dismiss any pre-conceived notion regarding its failure. Stay assured of receiving a high-performance trade show booth rental Orlando and only after receiving your green signal, we start the process of mobilizing the booth rental to your location of the event in Orlando.

On the day of the event, our dedicated staff arrive and pin down the components of your trade show booth rentals precisely and endeavor to achieve zero defects while its placement. Whether it is a modular booth or customized one, we handle the task of guarding your trade show booth rental with great caution.

Our team stays near you throughout the event and come to your rescue whenever you give a hint. We collaborate in the trade show activities with you at every step to make your journey of trade show participation, a seamless one.

Asset Management

As you rent a customizable booth that is designed as per your brand specifications, you get the liberty to reuse it time and again in your other trade show events throughout your business calendar. However, proper management of your trade show booth rental is something that can become a matter of concern for you.

This is where we come into the picture and strive to provide you with proper asset management of your trade show booth rental. We offer an advanced storage facility wherein your trade show booth stays in impeccable condition until your next trade show event in Orlando.

Available on Call

After successfully concluding your trade show event responsibilities, we ship your trade show booth rentals safely and securely to our workshops and store it with intense care. Once you plan on participating in another event in Orlando, we are just one call away to enable you to access your trade show booth rental in the shortest period of time.

Our dedicated staff of efficient personnel strives to make it sure that there remain absolutely no hitches while supervising your trade show booth rental in Orlando.

Some of our award-winning trade show booth designs

  • Relief Band
    20x20 Custom Exhibition Stand
  • Pico-Interactive
    30'x40' Exhibition Stand Design
  • CTA Digital
    20x30 Custom Rental Booth
  • Kyon
    20x20 Rental Exhibit
  • Austin-Electric
    2000 Sqft Custom Trade show Booth
  • Emotech
    20x20 Custom Exhibition Stand
  • Team up with Exponents for best 20x20 trade show display design orlando
    20x20 Custom Booth Renta
  • Marvel
    20x30 Custom Rental Booth
  • JAQ
    10x20 Custom Exhibition Stand
  • Cambridge Consultants
    20x20 Custom Booth
  • Mygenobox
  • CTA Digital
    CTA Digital
    20x40 custom rental booth