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 Are you worried about finding the best trade show booth rental company in Orlando?

We understand for exhibitors it is always a challenge to find affordable yet high-quality tradeshow booths rentals that drive visitor traffic.

Well, your search ends here! Orlando is quite popular when it comes to trade shows, as it makes up for a huge portion of its business tourism along the East Coast. Exhibitors from across the globe travel to this bustling trade show rendezvous for the sheer magnitude of events that take place here every year. Orlando has a unique proposition of a relaxed environment paired with impressive opportunities for business networking.

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Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando has been providing full-service trade show booths for over 35 years and has delivered booths small and big to customers exhibiting in Orlando.

Exponents is a full-service exhibit company in Orlando that offers everything from trade show booth designing, building, graphic production to the delivery of the final product at the venue. We cater to exhibitors with trade show booths in any part of the state of Florida – Miami, Tampa or Orlando and beyond. We also provide customization options for our clients, so they can create booths that are in line with their brand strategy

Exponents is located in McLeod Blvd., a few miles away from the Orange County Convention Centre hosts around 200 trade shows every year. This is also an area full of hotels big and small that have many events each month. This makes it convenient for our customers to get their trade show display rental in time for the show and keep costs of labor and transport within budget.

Trade show booth design

We built our versatile gallery through experience and insights from customers, which makes it ready for any exhibitor demand. Exponents are one of the biggest Orlando Exhibit companies to deliver engaging booth designs that help you garner more attention.

We have a curated gallery of 1000+ exhibit design ideas that an exhibitor can customize for their show in Orlando.

Our custom rental exhibit in Orlando help customers build convention displays that meet their specific business requirements. This way we help our customers bring their ideas to life according to their requirements. This also helps us and our clients become more creative with their booth ideas. With Exponents, you will never be out of ideas!

 Our Portfolio

We have a vast spectrum of clientele that has helped us understand the regulations & requirements for major trade show venues in the State of Florida. We know what works and exactly where it works, with Exponents you will never have to worry about the productivity of our trade show display & exhibit rental.

What drives us to build the best Trade Show displays in Orlando?

At Exponents, we are focused on delivering Trade show displays that are capable of delivering high ROI. We know how important every trade show is for your business; hence, we make sure that our customers get what they intend to from their participation. But what drives us most is the zeal to deliver booths and services that make our customers stand out from the crowd.

Why choose us?

A dedicated project manager takes over your project and from the design to the assembly of your booth; we take care of everything for you. This includes all communication with the organizer and ordering of essential utilities. We help our customers decide and even guide them in choosing the designs that are best suited for their Tradeshow Booth Rentals In Orlando.

Apart from this, we have a 100% Prebuilt Promise. Weeks before the real show we build your booth at our prebuilding facility in Orlando. This helps us and our customers conduct a thorough quality check and reduce any last-minute glitches and makes for a stress-free trade show experience.

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Some recent images from our warehouse in Orlando.

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    10x20 Custom Booth Design
  • 360 Learning
    10x10 Custom Booth Design
  • Vigo Photonics
    10x10 Custom Booth Design
  • Starmark
    20x20 Custom Booth Design
  • Uvax
    10x10 Custom Booth Design
  • First Line
    10x10 Custom Booth Design