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Exhibiting in a trade show is rewarding as it can help you launch a platform where you can attract the most relevant audience and convert them into your clients. It is one of the best marketing strategies when done correctly. But, it also comes with several challenges be it pre-planning for your show or organizing it. Trade shows and conferences offer you a platform to initiate a dialogue with your potential clients. The improved opportunity for networking will empower our business.

One can achieve several objectives at once with excellent trade show booths that offer designs to suit your business with graphics to communicate details about your ideas, products, or services. Though many consider it a time-consuming effort and an expensive affair and avoid exhibiting in trade shows, those who choose to strategize with research and collaborate with a reliable trade show booth rental company end up with desired results. It is one of the best marketing strategies when done correctly. But, it also comes with several challenges, whether pre-planning for your show or organizing it.

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Exponents Orlando takes care of everything you are worried about a trade show exhibit rental in Orlando! We follow a client-centric approach to ensure customer satisfaction. Our four decades of experience allow us to keep up with the global trends. With Exponents, you will be collaborating with some of the most creative booth builders in Orlando.

Custom designs to choose from

We have a 700+ collection of custom trade show booth designs. Our designers have worked on these designs and devised every possible booth layout.

So, you may be thinking of a design that will appeal to your target audience in an exhibition or a trade show, and we already have it in our collection.

And even if it isn’t on the list, we are here to customize your Orlando trade show exhibit rentals. The designs we offer are fashioned to meet your marketing and branding goals.

One-stop solution

With us, you don’t have to worry about your trade show booth rentals in Orlando; we have you covered. When you partner with us for your trade show exhibit, we will serve you with every trade show booth solution. We cater right from building your booth to installing and dismantling the booth and everything in between.

Exponents Orlando is an all-in-one trade show service provider. We dedicate a project manager from our end who is responsible for keeping up with everything needed before, during, and after the show until we have dismantled and reverse shipped the trade show booth. This makes coordination and communication with the event manager, planning, and organizing the trade show booth easier.

100% Pre-built guarantee

After we have manufactured your custom trade show booth design, we make an arrangement for its assembly at our manufacturing unit. We install your booth in the house and take it through quality checks.

So, before it is shipped to you we make certain that there is no room for any slips. And while we are doing this, you can have a look at it! Yes…you got it right! You get to see your exhibit booth design for the Orlando trade show. We throw no last-minute surprises ensuring a smooth trade show experience for you.

Transparent Pricing

Would you believe it if we tell you that you get all these with absolutely no hidden cost? You got to consider us here, though! We are not into post-show bills and additional hidden costs. We quote you the price, and that is what you pay.

We’re dedicated to offering the best trade show booth rental in Orlando. You might have concerns about trade show booth rental costs or have specific requirements for trade show booth exhibits; our team will offer you versatile designs to optimize your budget.

Sounds exciting? Then what are you waiting for? We are as eager as you are to build your rental exhibit booths for the Orlando trade show.

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What are the benefits of renting a trade show exhibit?

There are several benefits to renting a trade show exhibit, including:

Cost-Effectiveness: Renting a trade show exhibit is typically less expensive than purchasing one outright, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.
Flexibility: Renting an exhibit allows you to change your display for each trade show, allowing you to adapt to the specific requirements and goals of each event.
Convenience: Renting an exhibit eliminates the need to store and transport a large and bulky display, as the rental company typically takes care of these logistics.
Expertise: Many trade show display rental companies have in-house design and branding teams who can help you create a professional-looking exhibit that accurately reflects your brand and marketing goals.
Up-to-date Equipment: Renting an exhibit ensures that you have access to the latest and most technologically advanced equipment, eliminating the need to constantly upgrade and maintain your own display.

How do I choose the right size trade show exhibit for my business?

Choosing the right size trade show exhibit for your business depends on several factors, including:

Booth Space: Consider the amount of booth space you have been allocated for the trade show and make sure your exhibit fits within those dimensions.
Goals: Consider your trade show marketing goals and what you hope to achieve with your exhibit. This will help you determine how much space you need to effectively showcase your products or services.
Budget: Determine your budget for the trade show and choose an exhibit size that fits within your budget.
Target Audience: Consider the target audience for the trade show and what type of display is most likely to resonate with them.
Competition: Consider the competition at the trade show and what type of displays they are likely to have.

Can trade show exhibit rentals be customized to fit my brand and messaging?

Yes, trade show exhibit rentals can be customized to fit your brand and messaging. Many trade show display rental companies offer custom design and branding services to help you create an exhibit that accurately reflects your brand and effectively communicates your marketing message.
Customization options may include:

Graphics: Custom graphics and branding elements can be added to your exhibit to make it visually appealing and to reinforce your brand identity.
Layout: The layout of your exhibit can be customized to accommodate your specific needs and goals, such as showcasing products, hosting presentations, or hosting meet-and-greet sessions with potential customers.
Technology: Custom technology solutions, such as interactive displays, video walls, and lighting, can be integrated into your exhibit to enhance your marketing message and engage trade show attendees.

By working with a trade show display rental company to customize your exhibit, you can create an exhibit that effectively communicates your marketing message and resonates with your target audience.

Are there any additional costs associated with trade show exhibit rental, such as shipping and installation?

Yes, there may be additional costs associated with trade show exhibit rental, such as shipping and installation fees.

Shipping: The cost of shipping the exhibit to the trade show and back to the rental company will typically be the responsibility of the renter and is not included in the rental fee.
Installation: Some trade show display rental companies may offer installation services for an additional fee, while others may require the renter to handle setup and installation themselves.
Labor: If you need additional help with setup and teardown, you may need to hire labor, which can be an additional cost.
Audio-Visual Equipment: If you need audio-visual equipment, such as projectors or sound systems, you may need to rent these items separately or include them in the rental fee.

To minimize additional costs, be sure to work with a rental company that offers clear and transparent pricing, so you can budget appropriately and make informed decisions about your trade show marketing.
While choosing a rental company, go with the provider who gives you transparent pricing without leaving any room for ambiguity.

Can I preview or see samples of trade show exhibit rentals before making a decision?

Yes, most trade show display rental companies offer the opportunity to preview or see samples of trade show exhibit rentals before making a decision. You can see pictures of booths created for other clients and a 3D design along with graphics to get a clear idea of how your booth will look.