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Trade shows are a great marketing tool to attract customers. Brands participate in trade shows to display their latest offerings, meet potential customers, study competitor activity, build contacts and network, like never before! And making your mark among so many others could be indeed be a task. Make participating in trade shows a cakewalk by selecting the right booth builders in Orlando.

When it comes to trade show display it articulates an integrated environment wherein you present your brand to your audience. And we being a trade show display company in Orlando have all the expertise to make your trade show display just as perfect as you want it to be. Choose from a wide selection of rental booth options to meet your budget, size and style.

Exponents Orlando brings you a gallery loaded with numerous trade show booth rental designs, which helps you find your ideas to customize your display. You can choose to customize from a range of 700+ plus designs starting from a compact structure of 10×10′ to a colossal structure of 50×50′. With these beautifully crafted designs, you can set up from a small inline display to a big island display as per your requirement.

Stand out among a crowd of competitors with beautifully designed trade show displays. Choose to rent trade show booth in Orlando at the click of a button!

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Want to Rent a Trade Show Displays in Orlando? Know Why Us Before you Try Us!

Renting a trade show display in Orlando got easier with Exponents. Our team of experienced personnel are available around the clock and speaks varied languages, therefore assistance has never been this smooth! Don’t like what you see? Our exhibit booth rentals are customization from scratch. Pick the size of your display and let the booth unfold into reality!
Learn, discuss, and discover new ideas unfold all at Exponents Orlando! Browse through our gallery of 100+ design options and find your inspiration for your next trade show display in Orlando.
Planning for your next big exhibit in Orlando? Look no further! Choose Exponents Orlando for your trade show exhibit and see ideas blossom into reality.

Why Exponents Orlando?

Being pioneers in business, we have worked with multiple brands locally and internationally. We understand the fairgrounds to its core, the do’s and don’ts at the convention centers in Orlando, logistics, and rules and regulations that one must abide by in the city. Therefore, eliminating maximum risk of errors and misdoings at the fair ground.

Having warehouse and offices in and around city limits, we also act as local guides’ and save you from juggling to coordinate with people associated with even management. Our team shall guide and suggest you with the best possible solution therefore giving you the best of the trade show experience.

When you partner with us for your next Orlando trade show booth display and exhibit, FL you know that we have got you covered right from the best designs to trouble-free and all-inclusive service.

Some of our latest trade show booth designs

  • TELEGOS - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
    TELEGOS - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
  • GERMAN LIGHT PRODUCTS - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
    GERMAN LIGHT PRODUCTS - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
  • B-TECH AV - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
    B-TECH AV - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
  • APOLLO PET - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
  • SIGNAGE LIVE - Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando
    SIGNAGE LIVE- Exponents Insta USA Inc. Orlando

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Here is How We Do It

Here’s a framework of the steps involved when you book your trade show rentals with Exponents Orlando
  • Step 1: Display Design

    Once you have decided upon your exhibit booth rental display size, you can choose to rent it, as it is or customize it to its core. In case of customization, our experienced team of designers share a draft of the sketch and on approval we take it from there.

    The design for your next Orlando trade show display rentals will be curated as per your briefing with us. As our designing team starts creating your display we will take into consideration your brand and marketing objectives, hence enabling maximum reach though your exhibit.

  • Step 2: Graphic Production

    Next is the graphic production for your Orlando trade show display rental. With our best-in-class printing machineries we deliver the finest quality of the prints.

    We also run several quality checks before we make the final print ready to fix in your display. You can be your display would be incorporated with graphics that define your branding goals.

  • Step 3: Project Management

    We will assign a project manager to you who will take care of the coordination and organization required between you and the other authorities involved in the participation. Moreover, with our 100% pre-build guarantee you get to see what your Orlando trade show rental display exactly looks like.

    Weeks before your trade show we assemble your trade show display at our manufacturing unit and let see it. By this, we ensure that you get what you have had in mind when you first contacted us for customization of your trade show display rentals in Orlando and there are no last-minute surprises that disappoint you.

  • Step 4: Installation Dismantle & Shipping

    We not only lend you installation and dismantling services but also offer freight and logistics services too. With our logistics services you can sit back and relax even after the show has ended because once we have dismantled the display we take care of shipping it back to our facility without you having to arrange a transport for the same.


What types of trade show display rentals are available for my business?

There are several types of trade show display rentals available for businesses, including:
Pop-up displays: Lightweight, portable displays those are easy to set up and take down.
Panel systems: Modular displays that can be reconfigured and customized to fit different exhibit spaces.
Banner stands: Lightweight, retractable stands that can display banners or posters.
Fabric displays: Displays made of fabric, typically with an aluminum frame that can be configured in a variety of ways.
Table top displays: Compact displays that fit on top of a table, ideal for smaller exhibits or when space is limited.
Custom exhibits: Fully customized exhibits designed and built to meet specific business needs and branding requirements.
In addition to these options, there are also accessories such as lighting, graphics, and furniture available for rental, which can enhance your exhibit and make it more attractive to potential customers.

How do I determine the right trade show display size for my needs?

When determining the right trade show display size, consider the following factors:
Exhibit space: Measure the space you have available at the trade show and choose a display size that fits within the allotted space.
Budget: Consider how much you’re willing to spend on the display and choose a size that fits within your budget.
Marketing goals: Think about the type of message you want to convey and choose a display size that supports your marketing goals.
Target audience: Consider the size of your target audience and choose a display size that allows for enough space for them to comfortably view and interact with your exhibit.
Branding: Make sure your display size is in line with your overall branding strategy and supports your brand image.

Can trade show display rental companies provide custom design and branding services?

Yes, many trade show display rental companies offer custom design and branding services. These services can include creating custom graphics, logos, and branding elements to enhance the overall look and feel of your exhibit. The companies typically have in-house design teams or work with outside design firms to create custom graphics that are specifically tailored to your brand and marketing goals. In addition to custom graphics, some trade show display rental companies also offer custom design services for the physical structure of the exhibit. This may include custom lighting, flooring, furniture, and other elements that can be tailored to your specific needs and branding requirements. Also, make sure to communicate your branding and design requirements clearly to ensure that the end result aligns with your goals and expectations.

Are there any setup and installation fees associated with trade show display rentals?

Yes, there may be setup and installation fees associated with trade show display rentals. These fees can vary depending on the type of display and the specific requirements of the exhibit. For example, more complex exhibits may require additional time and resources for setup and installation, leading to higher fees. It’s important to consider these fees when budgeting for your trade show marketing campaign. Some trade show display rental companies include setup and installation as part of the overall rental fee, while others charge additional fees for these services. Be sure to ask the rental company about their policy and what is included in the rental fee so that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. We at Exponents follow a transparent pricing policy, all the charges are laid beforehand, avoiding any surprises after the event.

Can I rent a trade show display for a single event or is it only available for multiple events?

You can rent a trade show display for a single event or for multiple events, depending on your needs and preferences. Many trade show display rental companies offer both options to accommodate a wide range of marketing goals and budgets.
If you’re only exhibiting at a single trade show, renting a display for a single event may be the most cost-effective option. This allows you to have a professional-looking exhibit without the upfront cost of purchasing a display.
On the other hand, if you plan on exhibiting at multiple trade shows throughout the year, renting a display for multiple events can be more cost-effective in the long run. This option can also provide greater flexibility as you can choose to update or change your display for each event.