10X20 Trade Show Booth Rentals in Orlando

Making a Good First Impression with 10×20 Rental Booths

We all know the importance of first impressions – it takes only two seconds for most people to perceive your brand a certain way. And the impressions formed in this brief period are powerful enough to stick around forever – unless you take drastic steps to reposition yourself.

Participating in a trade show is the perfect chance to make a good first impression on visitors or alter an established image. But with several other companies on the same floor trying to impress the same crowd as you, truly standing out can seem impossible.

Not if you decide to exhibit in a 10×20 booth rental in Orlando, though.

Impressing the Audience with a 10×20 Booth Rental

10×20 trade show exhibit rentals in Orlando make it easier for you to perform product demos while still having enough space left for attendees to walk in and experience your display up close.

From meeting areas for networking with budding clients to effective graphics that increase the visibility of your brand message, every single element in the booth can be set up to intentionally attract attention to key areas. Combined, these elements will work wonders to deliver your overall aesthetic at one go.

Why Choose Exponents

Decking 10×20 trade show display rentals in Orlando to impress a large group of people is not the easiest task, but when you have trade show pioneers like us on your team, you don’t have to worry about it.

We will take charge of every important detail and leave you to focus on your role – presenting your brand in all its glory.

How Exponents Can Help

Right from designing to delivering and dismantling your booth, we’ve got you covered. To help you navigate our entire 10×20 exhibit booth planning process, let’s take a glimpse at our workflow:

1. Ideation

We work with an open mind. When you bring us up to speed on your requirements, we will get a better sense of your business approach, budget, and timelines. We will then brainstorm to create designs that best fit your brand.

2. Choosing the Size and Style

We are proud to offer our clients a wide array of size and style options to choose from. We understand that every brand is unique and work hard to bring this individuality to light. Whichever dimensions you opt for, we will tailor it to match your expectations without making you look cookie-cutter.

3. Getting Creative

Once you’ve given us the details of your trade goals, we will illustrate the first design. After receiving feedback from your end, we’ll incorporate the said elements in the final design and render the finished product – just the way you envisioned it.

4. Getting Techy

With a consistent uptick in technology comes added value. Through video walls, touch screens, and charging stations, you can add audio-visual elements to create an immersive and interactive experience at your trade show booth in Orlando.

5. Teaming Up

Let’s say you finally select a 10×20 exhibit booth rental in Orlando. Once your trade show booth is staged, reviewed, and shipped to the venue, we’ll have a dedicated team ready to set it up. After you have successfully wrapped up the show, they will safely bring the booth down and back home.


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