20x40 Trade Show Booth Rental and Exhibit Display Orlando

Using Your 20×40 Rental Booth to Achieve Trade Show Goals

The key to being the center of attention at any trade show is investing in the right booth. The more invested you appear, the more investable you will seem to your customers. That, right there, is the Holy Grail for most exhibitors.

Why a 20×40 Rental Exhibit?

Now, the question arises: what kind of display do you need to look investable? Well, that will depend entirely on your objectives and budget. For those who seek a grand space without spending grant funds, the 20×40 trade show booth rental in Orlando should work perfectly. Here’s why:

  • It will allow you to achieve your business goals without looking cluttered or crowded. These goals can range from launching a new product or service to building brand awareness and entering a new market.
  • You can incorporate appealing elements like private seating areas, lounging seats, catering stations, overhead lighting, and a booth. Such elements will enhance the effectiveness of your exhibit and distinguish you from your competitors.
  • With real estate as large as this, you will be perceived as an industry titan at the trade show. This will instill a sense of confidence and trust in the audience and make them more likely to turn to you for advice and information.
  • Even after adding interesting elements that serve your purpose, you will be left with enough empty space to let your visuals create the maximum impact.

Why Choose Exponents Orlando

All these years of being a part of the trade show circuit have made us wise. We know what to do if something goes sideways during the event, but more importantly, we know how to ensure that nothing goes sideways during your event. From the design process to the dismantling of 20×40 exhibit rentals in Orlando, we will stay on top of your project like it’s our own. And when you succeed, we succeed, too.

The time has come to take the trade show world by storm. All you need to do is take the first step and give us a call!

How Exponents Orlando Can Help 

So you have made the decision to exhibit using 20×40 trade show display rentals in Orlando. Excellent choice! The only thing you need now is a team of professionals to make your trade show dreams come true. We’ve been doing that for several kinds of brands for a long time, and if you hire us, we can help you in the following ways:

1. Managing Your Project:

The first step to achieving your trade show goals is understanding them. To do that, our dedicated project manager will interact with you and determine exactly what you want before conveying it to our designers.

2. Designing Your Booth:

Optimising a trade show booth rental Orlando is easy – only if undertaken by expert designers. While customizing your booth, we will translate your vision into stunning graphics and other elements that both appeal to the audience and make sense to your marketing objectives.

3. Shipping, Installing, and Dismantling:

Success comes to those who devote themselves to their roles. In this case, your role is to create a mind-blowing presentation for your clients, which is why we do almost everything else for you. From shipping your booth and installing it in place to dismantling it once the show is done, everything is our responsibility.


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