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Orlando is a family vacation destination home to several amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Regardless, due to several dining and shopping options, year-round tropical weather, and access to a leading international airport. Orlando has become a key player in the trade show industry. As one of the major players in the country’s trade show scene, Orlando is an ideal spot for exhibitors to take their marketing strategy to another level and present their brand to the world. Large and small businesses alike try to take advantage of this opportunity and make the best of the experience.

Of course, the trade show display you use is an indispensable component of showcasing the power and values of your brand. You want it to be a space that speaks for you and tells people who you are at a single glance. You also want it to demand attention and flood your visitors’ senses with positive associations, which is remarkably tough to do on a floor full of your competitors.

Finally, you want your trade show booth rental in Orlando to create a memorable impact. Even as a young company with relatively lower funds, it is possible for you to achieve all of this – by opting for a rental display in Orlando.

Design Ideas to Transform Your Exhibit Rentals in Orlando

The difference between attendees visiting and not visiting a particular booth lies in its design. Suppose you want to attract hordes of people to your trade show exhibit rental Orlando. In that case, you need to one-up the competition with a design that has a clear message, is not too cluttered, and displays a cohesive promotional approach. We at Exponents Orlando have been in the business long enough to know which ideas work and which don’t.

Here are a few ideas that can pull your display out of obscurity and echo throughout the trade show floor:

For Small Exhibits

Just because you’ve opted for a small trade show exhibit rental in Orlando, ranging between 10×10 and 10×30, doesn’t mean you can’t think big. Once you come to terms with the dimensions of your exhibit, you can leverage every inch of it to tell visitors what you’re all about.

Focus on the Ambience:

Every individual component of your trade show booth rental in Orlando comes together to form an experience. Make sure you pay attention to audio-visual stimuli and give the audience a trigger point to remember you by. The most crucial thing to remember when designing your booth is: Your theme should tie in with your brand and the message you are trying to convey to attendees.

Impeccable Construction:

Your booth finishing and overall quality can go a long way in forming a good impression on potential clients. So, it’s a good idea to fill your area with only high-quality graphics, materials, and fabrics.

For Medium Exhibits

The potent combination of creativity and snap decisions is all you need to establish a connection between your brand and the visitors. Well, that and the following design ideas for trade show display rental in Orlando ranging from 20×20 to 20×40 in size:

Let Them See You:

Without visibility, all your efforts in making your booth stand apart will prove a colossal waste of time. Dominating the show floor with suspended lighting and a tasteful color scheme will help you be seen from great distances. With attractive signage and graphics, your booth can get people’s attention and show attendees your brand.

Use Your Space Effectively:

When it comes to trade shows, location often matters a lot more than square footage. Whether you have a 20×20 trade show booth or a 20×50, it’s quite a space to work with. An open floor plan will allow you to invite visitors in from all sides, thus making room for more people.

For Large Exhibits

Displays starting from 30×30 and 30×40 and going as big as 40×50 and 50×50 are as challenging to design as they are to manage. But when done correctly, they can have a monumental impact on the outcome of your show.

Cherish Empty Space:

Usually, your exhibit booth rental in Orlando should have about 40% of empty space. This will highlight the other 60% of your booth as well as all the details and intricacies that have gone into each element. Keeping the layout of your space open will ensure maximum occupancy, happier trade show visitors, and a better chance for you to move around and speak to attendees.

Leverage Your Height:

Because you have so much space, it would make more sense to add layers of depth to your design. You can do that by dangling attractive graphics from the ceiling at varying heights.

Regardless of their size, exhibit booth rentals for Orlando have the potential to dominate every conversation about your brand, especially if you consult with our designers for input. Don’t miss out on the prospect of immortalizing your company in the eyes of the audience by skimping on services that can make your experience seamless.

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The Potential of a Tradeshow Display Rental in Orlando

Even though most people are strong advocates of owning pretty much anything as opposed to renting it, the latter is actually more beneficial in the case of trade show displays. Here’s how:

  • Rental booths allow you to customize every element to represent your brand and its gradual evolution at every show.
  • They are flexible and let you experiment with various designs, sizes, and layouts without strings attached.
  • They are easy to ship, assemble, and dismantle, but it’s never your concern as the rental company takes care of those aspects.
  • You don’t have to worry about setting aside space and budget for storage or maintenance because that’s not your responsibility either.
  • They are far more cost-effective and offer rewarding returns on investment when designed and executed in the right way.
  • If you are new to exhibiting marketing, exhibit booth rentals can help you wet your feet. They become a one-time investment for a newbie exhibitor looking to participate in a single trade show.
  • With trade show booth rentals, you can avoid maintenance costs. The expenditures you would have incurred for storing, maintaining, and possible warranty charges are avoided.

How We Can Simplify Your Trade Show Experience in Orlando

Now that you have seen ideas that can transform your trade show exhibit, let Exponents help you create eye-catching trade show booth designs in Orlando, FL that will provide high ROI at your next trade show. Having been in the trade show business for 30+ years, we are quite comfortable and familiar with the ropes and riggings. Should you decide on exhibit booth rental Orlando from us, we will get our entire team of experts on board to create an outstanding exhibit. Here are some of the ways in which we will enhance and simplify your exhibiting experience:

With End-to-End Services:

Whether you’re looking for someone to design your trade show exhibit rental in Orlando or construct it, deliver it to the show location, assemble it as per your instructions, and after the show is done, dismantle it and put it away in storage, we are the one-stop solution to all your tradeshow-related needs.

We will even assign a dedicated project manager to oversee every aspect of your display and ensure all tasks are completed within the deadlines. A specialized team of experts is available 24*7 to solve any issues related to your trade show booth. You won’t have to move a finger and can spend this time polishing your presentation and promotional strategy.

With Tailor-Made Rentals:

We want your Orlando trade show booth rental booth to be an apt representation of your brand and its essence, so we will ask you all the right questions in the beginning and discover what your business stands for. In the designing phase, we will use the gathered information to infuse your brand’s identity into every element.

This will make it easier for audiences to associate your company with the design and improve your recall value. Our mission is to give you exactly the kind of booth you’ve been dreaming of.


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What is Unique?

Get a pre-built guarantee on your next trade show rental booth for your next event from Exponents-Orlando, the leading designer, and builder of rental trade show booths in USA.

One of the most significant distinguishing factors that set us apart from other booth rental companies is our 100% pre-build promise. Because we know how frustrating it can get to wait for your exhibit, only to see it a week before the show and realize it is too late to make any changes, we have turned it around completely.

As soon as you finalize a design with our team, we’ll get cracking on a mock-up of your trade show display in Orlando. When we’re done creating that, we will call you for an inspection, wherein you can scrutinize every detail of the prototype and ensure everything is to your liking. Even if you have any amendments, we will have plenty of time to implement them perfectly.

Our treasure trove of capabilities, right from coming up with an effective strategy for your exhibit to executing it in terms of flawless design and meticulous construction, has made us the go-to choice among leading brands exhibiting in Orlando. When you entrust us with the charge of bringing your vision to life, we’ll take it as seriously as if it were our own dream. And the best part is that we will fulfill all our roles at a price that you’d be more than willing to part with, especially considering the quality of the work.

Even though we have over 300 pre-built designs in our arsenal, we’d love to create a rental trade show booth in Orlando from the ground up just for you. Simply tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll get our best and most innovative minds together to figure out a suitable approach forward. Our ultimate purpose is to make sure you do your own thing at the show without looking like a facsimile of anyone around you.

From our lightning-fast turnaround times to budget-friendly solutions, our services are specifically designed to ensure that your exhibiting experience is hassle-free and, for the most part, effortless. We understand what it takes to promote your brand on such an immense platform and the amount of hard work that goes into it, which is why we give you the time and space to focus on more important tasks while we take care of the little things that make your booth great.