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Exponents provide turnkey trade show booth services to the top brands in Orlando. We have an experienced team of creative people who handles every project professionally. We design, manufacture, sell and rent trade show booths of various sizes all over the country. Thanks to our warehouse in Orlando, we can deliver trade show booths quickly and on time regardless of your location in the city.

Not only this, our quoted price is comprehensive with no hidden cost. We don’t charge you even a penny citing extra labor or overtime cost. You pay what you see!

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When you exhibit in a trade show among hundreds of exhibitors, attracting attendees to your booth becomes challenging. How will you tackle this problem? An engaging and attractive trade show booth is the answer to this

We understand that every brand is unique, and you want to showcase your brand story in front of your customers without compromising on the standards of your brand. A custom trade show exhibit is an excellent way to fulfill your brand’s requirements. Exponents offer pre-built trade show booths that you can easily customize according to your needs. Our creative trade show booth building team is well experienced in building and designing your booth to depict your brand story efficiently in front of your customers.

Finest custom booth designs

Having a collection of over 700+ plus designs we offer you multiple options to find your inspiration for your next trade show booth rental in Orlando. Our team of designers has considered all the possibilities of the booth layouts and has crafted these designs keeping in mind branding and marketing aspects. You can pick from a number of designs depending on your needs. The collection ranges from 10’x10’ to 50’x50’ giving you a wide array to choose your trade show booth rental in Orlando to customize from.

Graphic Production

We understand your brand and its image. With our best-in-class printing machines we are certain that the quality of your graphic during its production is not compromised. We run several checks before we deliver the final printed product, so your trade show booths Orlando is a perfect blend of excellent graphics and trade show booth design.

100% pre-build guarantee

Once we are done with customizing your trade show rental booth we assemble it at our manufacturing unit running a dry check. So, weeks before your event we actually install the booth and let you see it. We mitigate all the possibilities of errors before we deliver your trade show rental booth in Orlando.

All-in-one service

Partnering with us gets you perk of one stop solution. You don’t have to route in multiple directions to coordinate with us or even with the event organizer. We have a dedicated project manager assigned to you which will be your one-point contact for everything you need. This project manager will ensure that there is a smooth communication flowbetween you and us and the authorities that are involved in the event organization along with efficient management of the project.


What are the typical costs associated with trade show booth rental?

The costs associated with trade show booth rental can vary depending on several factors such as booth size, location, and level of customization and services. The main cost is the booth rental fee, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Custom graphics and signage, furnishings and lighting, electrical and data services, and shipping and storage are also additional costs that can add to the overall expense. On-site support and any additional options such as audio-visual equipment, promotional items, or marketing services may be included in the rental fee or charged as a separate fee. It’s important to get a detailed quote from the trade show booth rental company before making a decision, as costs can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements of each trade show and the rental company. It’s important to keep in mind that these costs are just rough estimates and can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements of each trade show and the rental company you choose.

What is included in a trade show booth rental package?

A trade show booth rental package typically includes a pre-fabricated and pre-designed booth structure, custom graphics and signage, furnishings, lighting, electrical and data services, shipping and storage, and on-site support. The booth structure serves as the main backdrop and display area for your products or services, while custom graphics and signage help to showcase your brand and attract attention. Furnishings such as tables, chairs, counters, and display cases create a comfortable and functional workspace, while adequate lighting highlights your products. Electrical and data services such as power, internet, and phone connections help you stay connected and powered up during the show, while shipping and storage services transport your booth, products, and materials to and from the show venue. On-site support is available to help set up, manage, and dismantle your booth, as well as provide technical assistance as needed. Some rental companies may offer additional options to help you get the most out of your trade show experience.

How do I choose the right size trade show booth for my business?

Choosing the right size trade show booth for your business involves several important factors, including budget, product display, show traffic, brand image, space constraints, and competition. When determining the size of your booth, consider how much space you need to effectively showcase your products, accommodate visitors, and create a memorable brand experience. It’s also important to keep in mind the restrictions and guidelines of the trade show, as well as the size of other booths in your category.

Are there any special regulations or requirements for trade show booth rentals?

Yes, trade show booth rentals are subject to a range of regulations and requirements that vary by trade show and jurisdiction. These can include restrictions on booth size and placement, building codes and safety requirements, product safety regulations, insurance requirements, restrictions on branding and signage, and rules around lead capture and privacy. To ensure compliance with these regulations, it’s important to carefully review the requirements for each trade show before renting a booth. Working with a trade show booth rental company that is experienced in navigating these regulations can also help to ensure that you are able to fully comply with the rules and regulations of each show. It’s important to review the regulations and requirements of each trade show before renting a booth, and to work with a trade show booth rental company that is familiar with the regulations and can help you comply with them. By following these guidelines that ensure a successful trade show experience.

Can trade show booth rental companies provide custom design and branding for my booth?

Yes, many trade show booth rental companies offer custom design and branding services to help businesses create a unique and memorable trade show experience. These services can include creating custom booth layouts, graphics, and signage to reflect your brand image and message. Having a custom designed trade show booth can help you stand out from the competition and effectively communicate your brand message to trade show visitors. It can also enhance the overall trade show experience for your visitors and increase the impact of your marketing efforts. When choosing a trade show booth rental company, make sure to ask about their custom design and branding services, and consider the quality and versatility of the booth options available.