20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental in Orlando

A 20×20 booth rental in Orlando is perfect for those who wish to customize their graphics with the image of the brand and purpose of the exhibit reflecting left, right, and center.

Whether you are showcasing new products or networking with existing customers, our 20×20 booth in Orlando gives you ample space to tell your brand’s story in an effective and interesting manner.

With a 20×20 trade show booth rental in Orlando, you get to choose between a peninsula display and an island display. Peninsula displays are open on three sides, whereas island displays are open on all four.

Both types allow you to “go tall” and use the ceiling to rig your components, freeing up space on the floor. This gives you the chance to layer with furniture, kiosks, and other equipment. Also, the 360˚ accessibility lends a distinctive appearance that makes you look like a force to be reckoned with.

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Benefits of 20×20 trade show booth rental in Orlando

Check out all the bonus benefits you can avail by making Exponents Orlando your 20×20 trade show booth rental partner!

Dedicated Project Management

When you choose to work with us, you will be assigned a project manager who is responsible for understanding your brand and serving as the bridge between you and our team of designers. This bridge will allow us to tailor your 20×20 trade show exhibit rentals in Orlando from the ground up.

Endless Variety of Styles and Graphics

Pick from our vast inventory of styles and graphics. Elements like kiosks, meeting areas, and strong collaterals go a long way in delivering your message. You can also count on our talented designers to create clean, colorful, and full-sized graphics that effectively communicate who you are and what you are offering.

Installation and Dismantling

From shipping your trade show booth rental in Orlando to installing and dismantling the equipment, our logistics team will shoulder every responsibility, so you won’t have to. Your prime focus should be on presenting your products and services to the world in the most attention-grabbing way possible. Leave the rest to us.

Worthwhile Pricing

Our main purpose is to make sure you are satisfied, not just with the end results but also with the process of watching your booth come to life. Pricing is a big part of that, which is why we stick to our no-nonsense fares and focus on crafting the most unforgettable trade show experience for you.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner that bears the potential of converting your booth display area into a lead magnet, then your search ends here. Being in the trade show industry for over 3 decades, we are one of the most sought-after trade show booth design company in Orlando that is truly capable of making your brand prominent at your next trade show.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we have streamlined the booth search process with our easy-to-use search option. Just select your desired booth size from our homepage to get access to unusual 20×20 trade show booth inspiration ideas along with its all-inclusive price. From our online catalog of creative designs, you can choose the one that best suit your brand need and customize it as per your brand requirements.

Services for 20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental in Orlando

Free 3D design

Our innovative 3D trade show booth designs clearly give you a realistic impression of your final trade show display.

Graphics Service

Adapted to your corporate identity and also in coordination with your agency, we develop complete graphic concepts for your trade show booth in Orlando.

Project management

Every trade show appearance is a complex project. That is why we provide you with an experienced project manager who will support you in all project phases.

100% pre-build promise

We give our customers one 100% pre-assembly guarantee. This means that your booth will be completely set up in one of our assembly halls before the trade show opens. In this way, you can take a binding look at your booth including all details in advance.

With our team’s persistence and knowledge, you can own a spectacular 20×20 trade show booth in Orlando which will not only make your booth the cynosure but will add elegance to your overall marketing strategy.


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