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Customize your experience with 20×20 trade show booth rentals in Orlando

20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental in Orlando

A 20×20 is the perfect booth for brands looking for their first trade show participation, venues where space is an issue, or for brands working on a tight budget. The option to customize the graphics booth rental in Orlando is perfect for those who wish to use their exhibit to reflect the brand image left, right, and center.

Whether you are showcasing new products, luring potential customers, or networking with existing customers, our 20×20 booth in Orlando gives you ample space to describe your brand’s story.

A peninsula display and an island display are the options we offer in a 20×20 trade show exhibit rental in Orlando. Peninsula displays are open on three sides, whereas island displays are open on all four.

You can “Go tall” with both the booths and use the ceiling to rig your components, freeing up space on the floor. This level of customization gives you the chance to experiment with furniture, kiosks, and other equipment to make your booth idea unique as well as interesting.

Also, the 360˚ accessibility lends a distinctive appearance that makes you look like a force to be reckoned with.


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Benefits of our 20×20 booth rental for your trade show in Orlando

Avail of all the benefits Exponents Orlando has to offer with its 20×20 trade show booth rental!

Dedicated Project Management

We do not like to see our customers stuck in any difficulty with the booth. So, we assign a dedicated project manager responsible for understanding your brand and serving as the contact point between you and our team of designers. This contact point allows us to tailor your 20×20 trade show exhibit rentals in Orlando specifically to suit your requirements.

A Never-ending List of Styles and Graphics

Our vast inventory of styles and graphics allows you to go creative like never before. Elements like kiosks, meeting areas, and robust collaterals will enable you to enhance the appearance of your booths. You can also count on our talented designers to create clean, colorful, and full-sized graphics that effectively communicate the message you want to convey.

Endless Variety of Styles and Graphics

Pick from our vast inventory of styles and graphics. Elements like kiosks, meeting areas, and strong collaterals go a long way in delivering your message. You can also count on our talented designers to create clean, colorful, and full-sized graphics that effectively communicate who you are and what you are offering.

Installation and Dismantling

Is it your first time ordering a trade show booth rental in Orlando? Or you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and down the booths yourself? No worries! Our logistics team will shoulder every responsibility, from transportation and timely delivery to installing and dismantling the booths. You can then focus on presenting your products and services to the world. The hassle part of the trade shows is better left to us!

Clear Pricing

Our primary purpose is to make sure you are satisfied, not just with the results but also with the process of watching your booth come to life. Pricing is a big part of that, which is why we stick to our no-nonsense fares and focus on crafting the most unforgettable trade show experience for you.

Selecting the right booth partner is essential if you want your booth to generate leads that convert into gains. Exponents Orlando is a veteran stand builder with a client portfolio covering the globe. Having studied booth building guidelines worldwide, we know what exactly works and where it works.

We have streamlined the booth search process with our easy-to-use search option to keep you ahead of the curve. Just select your desired booth size from our homepage to get access to unusual 20×20 trade show booth inspiration ideas along with its all-inclusive price. From our online catalog of creative designs, you can choose the one that best suits your brand’s needs and customize it per your brand requirements.

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