When should you choose 30×40 trade show booth rentals for Orlando

A 30×40 sized booth is the size of a house. That’s more than enough space to add any accessory and attachment to your design.  A booth on this site offers you the power to create a massive brand impact at the trade show.  There is no set limit on what you can include in your 30×40 exhibit rental for Orlando

Most 30×40 booths are constructed with a second story to increase their brand presence, reduce overcrowding and place more stuff.  There are almost no limits on running a variety of engagement activities as long as you have the staff to handle it. You can host specialized presentation spaces for each product you have.

Have a lounge, gaming zone, VR or AR zone, live product demonstrations, create an elaborate product display with podiums, and private meeting rooms for prospects.

A 30×40 booth isn’t going to get unnoticed by visitors at a trade show. It’s as good as having your entire retail store placed at a trade fair. This booth is a good fit for exhibitors, who plan to have an elaborate branding campaign for their brand line, this booth is also a great fit for companies planning to exhibit together.

If you are more focused on brand promotion and engagement then you can turn your massive booth space into an elaborate activity center for visitors to lose themselves in.


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Why consider us for your next 30×40 Orlando tradeshow booth rental

At Exponents Orlando, our talented team of workers is dedicated to crafting a truly wonderful trade show experience. Our extensive selection of booths offers complete flexibility in terms of customizing the layout and design while staying adaptable to your budget.  We have over 30 years of experience in building attractive booth designs and booth management skills which involve transporting,  assembling, and dismantling your booth at the show.

Our headquarters is in Orlando, but we have a local presence in Las Vegas and Chicago. So in case, you find yourself with a faulty display or a shelf that doesn’t quite fit right, no need to panic. Our managers will respond promptly and will help you out if and when the need arises. Our wide presence across the USA gives our project managers and technicians an in-depth understanding of the exhibiting landscape in the USA, they will guide you and ensure that your design requirements are fulfilled,  your project delivered on time,  and any issues resolved.

We handle your booth from concept to delivery. We build your booth, keep you updated on its progress until delivery, and install your booth at the trade fair. We also dismantle your booth after the show. And, provide on-site supervisors to ensure that any problem with your booth is resolved promptly.

What is unique about our 30×40 booth design ideas?

We have over 1000+ booth design ideas that cover almost every branding scenario. You also get to see the price you will pay for each design with a detailed breakdown of what you get for that price. Looking for ideas under a specific budget? We have a price slider you can use to filter booths that fit your budget.

We also offer fully-customized designs, which include the option to adopt one of our existing designs to fit your brand. Or, you can give us your requirements and we’ll work together to create a completely unique design, just for your brand.

Hassle-free services we offer with your 30×40 Orlando exhibit rental?

Our expertise lies in our booth services, fixed prices, and extensive catalog of 1000+ booth ideas. You will find our unique Orlando exhibit booth design ideas listed on our website with a price. This easy method of click and pick comes with a complete component breakdown of each booth idea, you will know where your money is being spent.  Along with that, we offer you, price-inclusive services to make your trade show experience simpler.

  • Our in-house designers will customize your booth design as per your requirements
  • We provide transportation for your booth to the fairgrounds and back
  • We take care of the hassle to get build approval from show organizers
  • You get a project manager who will handle your booth from concept to delivery
  • A 100% pre-build guarantee where we build your booth weeks prior to dispatch and conduct numerous quality checks
  • We also send you the pictures of your booth design after our pre-build checks for your approval
  • We send our technical team and on-site supervisor who will handle the installation and dismantling at the show

So, if you are looking for a booth builder to trust, then you can depend on us. We have over three decades of experience, in helping brands exhibit in the USA. Our 30×40 booths are ideal for companies small and large. Our trade show booth design services are ideal for clients who want a convenient solution for their trade fair appearance.