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30x40 Trade Show Booth Rental and Exhibit Display Orlando

Renting a 30×40 Booth for a Trade Show in Orlando

If you’ve chosen a 30×40 trade show booth rental in Orlando for your next trade show, there is no end to the things you can do with space. Booths of this size offer you immense flexibility in terms of design and functionality.

In a 30×40 booth, we’d recommend constructing a second story to keep your booth from getting overcrowded. If you are a fan of simplicity, you might prefer a single-storeyed booth with a small space reserved for interesting displays and live demos.

To lend a true one-of-a-kind touch to your booth, you can use organic elements in your 30×40 booth design. If it fits with the image of your brand, this is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on clients and visitors alike.

Why Choose Us

At Exponents Orlando, our talented team of workers is dedicated to crafting a truly wonderful trade show experience. Our extensive selection of booths offers complete flexibility in terms of customizing the layout and design while staying adaptable to your budget.

If you want to give your booth rental in Orlando a touch of innovation, give us a call and we’ll get started on something unique right away!

How We Can Help

As experts in designing, building, and delivering 30×40 booth rentals in Orlando,we can help you create the ideal booth that helps you meet all your trade show goals. Here’s how:

1. Booth Design

Your booth’s design is crucial in achieving success at a trade show. That is why we offer fully-customized designs for 30×40 trade show rental booths in Orlando.When you partner with us, you can adopt one of the readymade designs to fit your brand, or you can give us a brief and we’ll work together to create a completely unique design – just for you.

2. Booth Display

Your display and design go hand-in-hand in bringing your brand to life. With the design for your 30×40 trade show booth rental in Orlando already decided on, it’s time to get started on the display. We’ll use top-quality materials, which are available in a number of styles and textures, to creatively express your brand’s message. The display will invite customers into your booth, and your imaginative design will make them want to stay and observe.

3. On-Site Assistance

In case you find yourself in the midst of a trade show with a faulty display or a shelf that doesn’t quite fit right, no need to panic. We will assign one of our managers to stay on-site the entire time and help you out if and when the need may arise. It is our priority to ensure that your 30×40 exhibit rental in Orlando is in prime working condition from start to end.


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